Urine drug tests: Essential information to know

With drugs that are getting so common these days, more and more urine drug tests are getting done. Schools, the workplace and even with athletes. But, so many people are still not having as much information as possible about the urine drug tests, and other drug tests that are on the market. These are essential information that everyone should have about drugs and drug tests:

Who normally performs these urine drug tests?

Not so long ago, it was only sport stars that are doing urine drug tests, and places like the rehab centres. But, more and more institutions are doing these drug tests on a daily basis. This is because drugs are getting more and more popular, and even normal work places are starting to struggle with people that’s coming to work under the influence.

Now, any office, company, sport institutions and even schools are performing these drug tests. It is legal for any company to perform a drug test on their workers and scholars. But, only if they were given a notice of the drug test that’s going to be done.

Why there are so many urine drug tests getting done

We hear so many times of urine drug test that are getting done at schools and work places. And, that so many athletes are getting suspended because of a positive urine drug test.

These tests are getting more frequently these days, because of the risks that it can have on schools and in the workplace. Someone under the influence can be a risk to a company and to their colleagues. There are many different reasons why these urine drug tests are done at more places more frequently.

How long can drug test positive urine?

Many people think that if they are getting a notice 24 hours before a urine drug test, that they will be able to get a negative result, even if they have been using drugs. But, this isn’t as easy as that. There is a period where you will get positive results when you have used drugs.

 For example, Amphetamines is staying in your system for 1 to 2 days. And using Phencyclidine (PCP) can give a positive urine drug test for up to 30 days.

Many people are thinking that urine drug tests are something that they can work around, and get a negative result, even if they are using drugs. However, this isn’t as easy as what they think. There is many information about urine drug tests that are proven, that this is something that is getting done more frequently and that are giving accurate results. These are common information about urine drug tests that you might find interesting.

Labour Relations Unions

A labour union is an officially recognized body representing a group of employees who have joined together to present a collective voice in dealing with management. The GWC Valve USA company has been thinking about possibly considering a union since the goal of unions is to achieve greater control over the jobs being performed, greater job security, working conditions which leads to higher job satisfaction and therefore decreases the turnover rate in any company. There are membership trends such as first, there is huge global competition which unions since labour unions have started to decline quickly yet it is said that union workers do get paid more. The second trend is that there are white collar unions which are career fields such as nursing, teaching, bank employees, and any civil service.

There is a big question that several people do ask which is why join a union if you have to pay 1500$ a year even though you get the same things as other workers who are not unionized? When you are unionized, you can still get laid off, there is no guaranteed job security at all. Depending on the nature of work, service, contract of whether you are self employed you can still get laid off. An example of this is the Post Office are heavily unionized but it’s not saving their jobs at all. The Post Office was even invented international and one of the reasons for their failure was due to them not having technology that met today’s advancement.

Labour Relations Process

Step 1: Seek Collective Representation

Step 2: Organizing Campaign Begins

Step 3: Official Recognition 50% + 1

Step 4: Collective Agreement

Step 5: Day-to-day Contract Administration Begins

Some employers are really against unions because even though it is more organized it does cost a lot of money and there was a case where an employer said they couldn’t afford it and they would shut the store down if they became unionized, the employees didn’t listen and the franchise owner shut down the store and thousands of people lost their job.