Have you ever had the experience of walking up to a fellow customer, believing it to be an employee, and asked, “Could I please get this in a size small?,” only to be embarrassed by said individual retorting, “uh..I don’t work here.”

If you are a trucking or bus rental company, you know how quickly the seat foam can diminish. With repeated use, the seats in big vehicles can wear out, leaving customers with a less-than-comfortable experience. But don’t scrap the whole

There are different types of maple syrup grades, just as there are various types of sugar. Sap (Sugar Circulating Fluid) tapped at the starting of the harvest season is normally clearer and lighter in the taste. As a season advances,

If you own a car then there are few important things that you need to take care of. Your car wheel alignment is also one of those important things. Rough roads test your car to their extreme limits and improper