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                Established in 2001, Beijing Yuanhe Hengtai Trade Co.,Ltd as an agent and supplier of foodstuff, dedicated to a range of western food condiments, canned food, and high-class snacks. Our mission is bring the well-known products of high quality into China and to their people. 

                We have established a completely supply chain system, with a dedicated, progressive and united marketing team, accumulating rich experience in marketing and brand promotion and maintaining a good relationship with many well-known international food manufacturers. 

                Marketing centers are located in Beijing and Shanghai. Our products are mainly covered all cities of 23 provinces. Our clients include retail food suppliers, hotels, restaurants and Supermarkets, etc. 

                Our core values are take the enterprise as our main subject; take the market as our guide; Take integrity as our foundation; Take innovation as our principle. Based on independence and innovation spirits, “Loyalty, Communication and Service”, our company will keep strengthening our communication and cooperation with the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and final customers. We are doing and will do our best to provide our customers with more suitable products and professional service; Provide our manufacturers with more integrated sales network and efficient marketing supports. 

                We will strive for being the most outstanding foodstuff agent in China.
                About us
                Contact Us
                Tel:86-010-64709816 / 84959799  
                Tmall store:https://yhhtsp.tmall.com 
                Contact address:Room 2501, Building 2, No. 19 Beiyuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Block C, China Railway Construction Square)
                ? 2016 copyright Beijing Yuanhe Hengtai Trading Co.,Ltd.
                Beijing ICP No.08007185-1 
                Address:Room2501,Building 2,No.19Beiyuan East Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing(Block C,China Railway Construction Square)
                CONSURMER SERVICE
                Domestic free
                Seven days, no reason to refund.
                Return freight subsidy 
                Timely delivery
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